Out of My Mind – Global Read Aloud 2013

In chapter 5, we learn about Melody’s school and classmates. ┬áMake a prediction about the interactions Melody will have with her classmates or teachers.

4 thoughts on “Out of My Mind – Global Read Aloud 2013

  1. My grade sixes and I were shocked and frustrated by the way Melody and her classmates were treated by their “special” teachers and principal. In our school we have many students with special needs integrated into “regular” classrooms. We also have two segregated special needs classrooms that, while similar to the needs in Melody’s class H-5, each have educational and safety plans to meet their specific needs. We all agreed that Melody deserved a far better learning environment.

    • Very true. I think it’s sad that people are discriminated upon based on what needs they have that are different then ours.

    • Hi Mr. Wood! I completely agree with you and your class. If someone feels that way, then they should put themselves in Melody’s hands and I do not think they would do that.

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